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We look for options that adapt to each person and family according to their Budget and needs. We take care of the lease and details necessary to hand the keys so that our clients not only find a house but a home.

Welcomex City discovery.

Our exclusive city discovery tour helps the quick integration of your team to the normal day to day life: from information on the best options of shopping, to safety recommendations to fully integrate into your new environment, our team is presented as an ally to live the city like a local.

We also have welcome services in the airport and other tours upon request.

Family accommodation.

From schools to extra activities they are esencial so that a family starts with a happy and full life in their new home. In Welcomex we present optios and help with the necessary procedures so that the entire family feels at home.

A happy team is a great team!


Make the relocation experience a smooth change that does not generate stress and time loss to your team so that it brings you the best results. Look at  what the people that Welcomex has already helped has to say.



What can we say about Welcomex and especially Ana Morales – simply Superb! Ana was friendly, professional, efficient, helpful and very knowledgeable in all things Mexican.

As complicated as this relocation may have been, Ana saw to it that every item was done with care and efficiency, leaving very little stress for us. Ana is fluent in English and Spanish, so all steps were explained thoroughly with minimal confusion and disruption, especially when dealing with the legalities such as setting up visas, licences, accommodation, motor vehicles and bank accounts. Ana also has a very large network of contacts, so the services and options you receive are well researched and negotiated on your behalf at a very reasonable price. The provided services certainly exceeded our expectations!

We will continue to use Ana and the Welcomex services as the relocation process has been made very easy for us. Well done Welcomex and keep up the great service.

Conrad and Deborah

I’ve been dealing with WELCOMEX since my assignment to Guadalajara starting July 2017. I’ve been working with Ana and Gaby, who are both professional, courteous and communicative. They helped me find a place that fit my needs very quickly and always follow up to make sure everything is taken care of. Overall it has been a pleasure dealing with them and would highly recommend them to others.


Conrad and Deborah

WELCOMEX has made my business stay in Guadalajara a comfortable one from the beginning. Their staff is friendly, professional and always considerate of your best interests. Upon arrival, they greeted me at the airport and arrange for a short-term stay at a hotel while we looked for longer term housing options (for my six month stay). Over the next two days, they showed me eight options based on my needs and requests, and within a few weeks, I was able to move in to a beautiful, furnished apartment close to work! I am incredibly happy with the services that WELCOMEX provided me, and I would highly recommend them to any visitors to Guadalajara. Regardless of your length of stay. Thanks!


I came to México for work and I can say it has been one of the hardest chanllenges in my life. México is the more bureaucratic and unaccountable country I´ve ever been to, and I´ve been to quite a few. But fortunately, there are companies like WELCOMEX that really will do everything they can do to help you and make sure you won´t throw your self off a bridge out of frustration. Regardless of anyone´s reason for coming to México, I doubt any other company will make people feel as welcome and secure as WELCOMEX does. They are there for you quite literally 100% of the time and offer personalized services to ensure you´ll have exactly what you want or need. I woulden´t have survived here without them.




Do you take care of the visa process?

If you are a company recruiting or moving your staff we can include the work permit to our service plan. However, we do not offer the visa process for independent persons who wish to move to Mexico, nor for foreigners who currently live in the country and seek to regularize their immigration status.

What does the housing service include?

The housing service includes the search for housing according to the needs of the client based on their budget. Welcomex is responsible for the translation of contracts, paperwork and communication between the landlord and the tenant. Once the rental agreement is concluded, our team handles water, gas, electricity and other services such as internet and telephone contracts in the name of the tenant. In addition, our team oversees the cleaning and that the new home has the basic things to make the arrival as comfortable as possible (drinking water, toilet paper and even and on request: bedding, decoration and groceries). ** (cost separate from housing tour)

In any case Welcomex is NOT responsible for the provision of the contracted services or the payment of them.

What does the family accomodation service include?

There are several packages of family accomodation services, these go from the search of schools that receive foreigners, to scheduling the appointments for registration of the students and to carry out the necessary procedures for admission. Our team can also take care of finding sports, cultural or social activities of the whole family upon request. Under no circumstances does Welcomex accept responsibility of guarantee of admission to the school or activities.

What does the City service include?

This service includes counseling and guidance around the new living zone.  Our team serves as a guide to the most relevant services in the área, where they are located such as markets, hospitals, schools, churches or worship centers, places of interest and more accompanied by useful tips to enjoy the city.

Welcomex Offers job to foreigners?

No. Our services are mainly focused on companies that need to bring personnel from other countries to their offices or plants in Guadalajara, in no way are we responsible for the hiring of personnel for companies.

You only help companies?

Our main service focuses on companies, however we have helped foreigners who want to cover everything related to their arrival in Mexico independently from the company in which they collaborate.

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